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Our Mission

The 8 C's of the San Carlos School District:


  • I take turns talking and listening.
  • I speak clearly and loudly.
  • I use images, drawings, props, writing, numbers, technology and/or other tools.
  • I look at my partner/audience
  • I listen carefully to my partner or the speaker



  • I complete work on time
  • I help the team
  • I listen to the ideas of others
  • I share ideas with the team



  • I think of ideas for a project
  • I help improve the team’s ideas
  • I try again when an idea doesn’t work


Critical Thinking 

  • I explain why we are doing a project or lesson
  • I explain my idea and say why it is a good one
  • I use feedback to improve work
  • I ask questions to help me understand
  • I use information from other places (research)


Citizenship/ Stewardship 

  • I take care of myself and my belongings
  • I care for my classmates
  • I take care of my classroom
  • I take care of my school
  • I resolve my conflicts peacefully


  • I am able to ask questions about how and why the world works the way it does
  • I am able to explore my questions 


  • I am able to name my feelings
  • I can use different tools to help calm my body and mind


  • I practice empathy
Arundel School in partnership with The San Carlos School District provides an innovative and engaging learning experience that centers whole child development, the notion that learning goes significantly beyond the state standards to include music, art, technology, physical fitness, environmental literacy, and social-emotional wellness. The 8 C's outlined above are habits of mind that are woven throughout the educational experience of your Knight and support the SCSD Strategic Plan. Demonstrating leadership skills and community involvement are encouraged through Project Based Learning opportunities and partnerships with our local community organizations to ensure all students are well prepared for their futures. 
We support and encourage all students to: 
  • Reach their highest academic, social, emotional, intellectual, and physical potential.
  • Become problem solvers, critical thinkers, risk-takers, designers, collaborators, and innovators.
  • Develop into contributing, empathic citizens that care about diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging and  justice, both locally and globally. 
  • Be responsible stewards of their world and environment.