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Counselor's Corner

Counselor’s Corner, Meet Meredith Larsen

Mrs. Meredith Larsen, our School Counselor has many roles at Arundel, including:
  • Visiting all classrooms weekly for social and emotional learning lessons. Using a curriculum called Second Step, students learn about rules for the classroom and playground, feelings and emotions, self-regulation skills, and problem solving skills.
  • Supporting students on the playground through joining-in games and conflict resolution.
  • Consulting with parents and teachers to help with social and emotional concerns.
  • Facilitating small group sessions for students on special topics such as social skills, coping skills, changing families/divorce, and grief. Parent permission and teacher approval is required for small group participation.
  • Coordinating the student Peacemakers program. Peacemakers are older students who help their peers and younger students resolve conflicts on the playground.
  • Coordinating school-wide assemblies and kindness programs.
  • Providing referrals and resources for students and families needing extra support.
Parents are welcome to contact Mrs. Larsen by email or through the school office.

Meredith Larsen
School Counselor, MS, PPSC, LMFT
Arundel Elementary School
650-508-7311 Arundel Office M-F 8:15-3pm

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