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Get Your Arundel Yearbook Today!

Purchase a memorable yearbook for your child and support Arundel at the same time. We are excited to continue using TreeRing ( this year. They are a local company that offers a full color yearbook and the option for parents to customize two pages - for free!

Pre-order your book prior to Sept 30 and get a 15% discount. Total cost for the 90 page full-color book is $30.00 (including tax).

Parents must order their student’s book directly through TreeRing, as there will be no extra copies sold at school. To create your account please start here.


Simply enter in Arundel’s school code to create an account. This code was emailed to you by Mr. Dawley. If you misplaced your code, please email


The last day to customize and order your yearbook is Wednesday, April 26, 2017.


For help, please visit these helpful resources: Arundel’s TreeRing quick start guide for more information on creating your account and customizing your pages.


For a more detailed guide please email