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Learning at Arundel

Arundel School is aligned with the San Carlos School District Strategic Plan. Our mission is to inspire our 21st Century learners to achieve their highest academic, social, emotional, intellectual and physical potential, while developing a strong sense of character, community, and stewardship. We aspire to amplify each child’s natural curiosity and love of learning so they can become caring and enthusiastic lifelong learners. Our Arundel educational staff provides:

Arundel School Success Indicators:

  • 1. School infrastructures are adaptive and robust to meet the evolving climate and learning needs.
  • 2. School outreach includes welcoming families, clear and inclusive communication with parents and caregivers, and developing partnerships with the community.
  • 3. Schools innovate and design to meet future-ready student needs - both in and out of the classroom/school day.
  • 4. School facilitates teacher growth and development with professional learning and collaboration time.
  • 5. School offers integrated learning where academics, real-world, and joyful experiences engage learners.
  • 6. School prioritizes the whole child’s needs through comprehensive, supportive interventions. The School is a flexible, climate-ready environment that welcomes all (learners, staff, families, community), and enables an engaging and innovative teaching and learning experience so that all learners reach their full potential.
Our goal is to not only foster academic achievement and character growth but also instill a love of learning and a strong sense of community. Learn more about specific subject areas: