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Learning at Arundel

Arundel School is aligned with the San Carlos School District Strategic Plan. Our mission is to inspire our 21st Century learners to achieve their highest academic, social, emotional, intellectual and physical potential, while developing a strong sense of character, community, and stewardship. We aspire to amplify each child’s natural curiosity and love of learning so they can become caring and enthusiastic lifelong learners. Our Arundel educational staff provides:

  • project-based learning that encourages deeper exploration, perseverance and ownership;
  • personalization of learning opportunities that challenge our students to explore beyond their individual learning edge;
  • flexible spaces that allow for individual, small group, and large group learning opportunities;
  • a 21st Century focus on academic standards and SCSD Habits of Mind in a safe yet stimulating environment to discover abilities and passions;
  • a community of care and inclusiveness.
Our students actively design, make, build, and innovate in ways that require problem solving, perseverance and creative thinking. Throughout the school day our students:
  • strengthen their collaboration skills
  • take responsible risks
  • participate in a variety of activities and projects
  • learn to communicate effectively and resolve conflicts peacefully
  • strengthen their questioning, conversation and argumentation skills
  • share their findings in evidence-based ways
  • deepen understanding of what it takes to become well-rounded citizens and stewards of our environment
  • listen to and speak kindly to others
  • look for ways to include and help others
  • celebrate and honor differences
  • work toward their personal best, both socially and academically
Our goal is to not only foster academic achievement and character growth but also instill a love of learning and a strong sense of community. Learn more about specific subject areas: