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Art in Action

The Art in Action Program at Arundel provides a high quality, comprehensive K–8 visual art curriculum. The Art in Action curriculum brings art history and hands-on experience into the classroom as students learn about works of art from cultures around the world, how to look at art using art vocabulary and concepts, and how to express themselves by creating unique masterpieces.
Supported by training classes and online resources, the unique spiral curriculum—introducing and reinforcing concepts through the nine program levels—gives students a solid foundation in drawing, painting, and sculpture techniques. The multi-faceted lessons develop students’ critical-thinking skills, creativity, visual literacy, self-esteem, and an appreciation of other cultures. Online lessons are available on demand to give teachers animated explanations and detailed, easy-to-use directions.

The Lessons

Each of the nine program levels has 12 sequential, age-appropriate lessons. Every lesson includes an open-ended discussion about a piece of art. Students carefully view the work of art and analyze it, supporting their ideas with evidence. During the class discussion, each student has time to consider other students’ ideas about the work being studied. After the discussion, the students have a chance to express themselves as artists. They create their own masterpieces, applying what they learned earlier looking at and discussing the art works. This flexible program can be taught either by the classroom teacher or by trained parent docents. All lessons are aligned with National Visual Arts Standards and are easily aligned with Common Core and other subjects.
At Arundel, the lessons are coordinated solely by a dedicated parent volunteer group. To learn more about Art in Action and how you can volunteer, please email our AiA coordinators at [email protected]. The students’ artwork is displayed in many venues, including:
  • Teachers’ classrooms
  • Arundel has a designated spot for its exhibits within the San Carlos Library
  • The Arundel office
  • At the Annual Spring Open House in the MU
Art in Action at Arundel is made possible by the support of the Arundel PTA.